Golem Kickstarter Update #5: Alive and Kicking Live Stream on Sunday

Our pals with Days of Dawn have organized a live-show this Sunday. During “Alive and Kicking" they’ll showcase some of the coolest video-game projects running on Kickstarter right now and chat with their creators. They’ll also be running a countdown to the end of Days of Dawn’s funding period.

Please, spread the word, tell everybody about the show. Our team from Moonbot will be on the show at 11:30 - 12:00 CST.

The program and link to the stream can be found on http://aliveandkicking.bumblebee-games.com/

The entire show will be running from
CET (Central Europe) 4:00PM – 11:59PM
CST (Shreveport) 9:00AM – 2:00PM

Here’s all the projects Alive and Kicking will feature:
Jon Shafer’s At the Gates
Back to Bed
Terra Incognita - A retro inspired RPG
Project Cornerstone
Heroes of Steel - Fantasy RPG
Whispering Willows - Horror Puzzle Game for OUYA and PC
There Came an Echo
Death Inc.
Days of Dawn – turn-based RPG with unique magic system

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